Snapshots from Quilt Festival

Posted by on November 5, 2013 in block lotto community | 2 comments

I came back from Houston with a lot of photos and I will probably be blogging about them on my Sophie Junction blog eventually, but these two were special, because they were made by a couple of quilters from our little community.

Julie P's Quilt Captain A-MOO-ica

Julie P’s Quilt Captain A-MOO-ica from the Exhibit Moo-ston

Both were in exhibits that seemed to make everyone smile.

Jude's Quilt for It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Jude’s Quilt Forever Friends from It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Exhibit


  1. It was such a hoot to meet you, a real pleasure! The cow exhibit was a big hit at the show and so distinctive that if someone needed directions everyone would start with the cow exhibit and then go …. The AAQI was like that also. Julie’s quilt is too fun & clever by half! Thanks for posting these pics!

  2. I can see why they made people smile! They are wonderful, so creative and thinking outside the box. Thank you so much for sharing them, Sophie!

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