Advice on resizing the “stripes” block?

Posted by on December 31, 2013 in block lotto community | 2 comments

Hall jelly roll

I have a lovely jelly roll I got from Tuesday Morning and a nice coordinating batik that I realized would be beautiful made with the December block.  The strips are 2.5 inches and I don’t want to cut them down.

By my calculations this gives me a block that finishes with a 12 inch finished height (12.5 unfinished). I suck at figuring out proportions, so would welcome suggestions on what width to cut. It seems like it should be 9.5  for a 9×12 finished block work?  The strips are 43″ wide. I could  get one more unit per strip if I cut 8.5.



  1. To make a block with the same proportions as our 6-by-9 inch lotto block, you want to make them 8 1/2-inches wide, for an 8-by-12 inch finished size block.

    • Thanks Sophie! Hope you have a fantastic 2014.

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