Chevron Quilts – Old and New

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There are many many others, but here are some chevron or zig-zag quilts I’ve seen lately.  A few, like the first two here, are older than you might guess.



This one is called simply Zig Zag Pattern has been dated as 1901-1929. It was made  by Viola Haeline Dollar Lake in Lumber City, Georgia. I found it on the Quilt Index site.


I also found this even older two color example, dated as 1850-1875, with vertical zig zags, AKA Streak of Lightning.


Here are four more contemporary examples.  The modern multicolor quilt arrived in my mailbox as part of a blog giveaway I had won.  It’s the cover quilt from the November/December issue of Quilty. Colorful Chevrons by Christa Watson (image from the Quilty site)



The Scrappy Chevron Picnic quilt from the Moda Bakeshop blog combines rows of chevrons with brick-like sections.



The last two are closest to our lotto blocks this month.  Amy from Angry Chicken shared this sunset zig zag quilt made for her by her Grammie.


I wanted to include this one because the color-way is similar to ours.  It was made for a charity auction by Robin Kaspar.  I found it on a quilting forum (sorry, no link).


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  1. Hi Sophie, I appreciate the History and examples you have pulled together,…I was wondering where this pattern would go, I imagined a very different outcome. I thought ‘hmmm,’ I wonder if the Zigzags will be on either side with a future Block in the center. These patterns are obviously a lot less psychedelic and more rest full then my imagination…that is probably a good thing LOL. Have a great day!

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