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Hi , I would like to donate 4 Chevron Blocks this month…I found them pretty easy to make and hope to do more for the draw…thank you Sophie for sharing your creativity and inspiration…I think I just might be catching on!january double chevrons 002


  1. Pretty blocks, Charlene! I have one question, when you say “donate” do you mean that you’re giving up your chances in the drawing? I just want to make sure I get your meaning.

  2. Hi Sophie, Sorry to be so late answering you, we have been very heavily iced up here and telephone lines were pulled down under the weight of it, just got back on the phone/internet this morning. Yes I would like to donate the 4 blocks pictured . I have purchased a couple of fabrics and will make 2 other blocks for the draw and a chance to win and for a look at the sneak peak. Have a wonderful, smiley day!

    • No worries. It sounds like you have really been hit hard by the storm. FYI, you have already qualified for the sneak peek with your donated blocks, so if LIFE prevents you from making more for the drawing, you will, at least, receive the sneak peek.

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