December Blocks in the mail from Ohio

Posted by on January 3, 2014 in sent and received | 1 comment

Good morning.  I got all of my blocks in the mail yesterday, Thursday, 1/2.  Brrrrr.  It was cold.  It was only 11 degrees last night at 11pm.  Glad I got them out because I’m not going anywhere today.  Brrrr.

Duds sent to Charlene in Ontario, Canada (bet it’s cold there too!)

Duds sent to Julie in Iowa. (Thanks for suggesting the dud lotto).

Stripes sent to Julianne in California (she’s my QUILTY BFF!)

Stripes sent to Mary Jane in Georgia.

Stripes sent to Kathie in Pennsylvania.

CONGRATS to all the winners!  Happy new year!!!

1 Comment

  1. Hi Kathy, Thanks and Wow you were quick…Yes we have been cold up here too LoL- 3 minutes outside and my eyelashes were frozen together in the corners with little icicles hanging downwards…TRUE! Trying to jump start the battery was useless…we have been at minus 22 degrees for almost 2 weeks…we did climb to minus 10 ish during the warm part of the early noon hour a few times …that is hopeful. So, I am right with you with the Brrrrr. HAPPY NEW YEAR right back at you!

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