One January Double Chevron

Posted by on January 11, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

This is my birthday month so I have my fingers crossed for a first block lotto win. Love the colors of this quilt. It would look real nice in my house.

Thank you for another fun design Sophie. My 3 year old insisted that the chevron was a W for William (his name). I wish I would have known the 8 at once technique when I made the quilt below for my son, the method I used was very tedious.

Nashville, TN




  1. William is a pretty smart 3-year-old. I confess that I also saw the blocks as W’s or M’s. The snake quilt is adorable … and a good setting idea for making a kid’s quilt from our blocks.

  2. Dang Helen, that quilt is very cool.

    Also now that you know, you could always make another…:-)

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