Playing with 2013 blocks

Posted by on January 19, 2014 in my sampler | 6 comments

Like Sophie, I chose red and white for my 2013 sampler.  Since it’s a holiday weekend I got to go to my local quilt shop and play around with a layout.  There are about 5 blocks that don’t make it into this layout and 2 others that veered too far from the red/white screen.

Like an idiot I forgot to look at the red & white exhibit app for ideas first, so I’ll keep playing.

Block lotto 2013 blocksHall Red & white sampler


  1. It is looking good. You could always do what I did and put those two extra blocks on the back. I used the Steps block as my label.

    I am going to move your post out of the show & tell category until you’re ready for your project to go into the Gallery, OK?

    • I’m sorry! I forgot that show and tell was the gallery. Please move it!
      Like the idea of using one as a label.

    • Sophie, I went back and deleted the show and tell tag. Hope that took care of it.

  2. out of sight! Love it!

  3. wow! I am not usually a fan of red&white only but WOW!

  4. this is so cool to see! this will be fabulous!

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