Sending stripes (better posting late than never?)

Posted by on January 2, 2014 in blocks, sent and received | 6 comments

Hello. I’m “Lida Rose” with my daughter “Little Lida”. We are Block Lotto newbies, and she is a sewing newbie, but has been bitten by the bug.  🙂

Here are the blocks we made for December, which we are sending to Belinda. We each made a pink one, and I made the green one, at the beginning of the month. Then the month just slid on by, like they all do. I managed to remember to post our blocks 5 hours after the drawing, which I didn’t catch because I get posts on digest. Better luck next time…!!

I even had a blog years ago, but the whole Block Lotto process has thoroughly befuddled me. I feel so old…! My apologies in advance if I’ve made any mistakes or faux pas with my post!

Happy New Year!

IMG_20131231_163320_593 IMG_20131231_163301_309


  1. Welcome Lida (and your daughter!) I can completely understand your befuddlement … after putting it off for two many years, I just joined Facebook 🙂

  2. FB I can do 🙂

    • Welcome Lida Rose and Little Lida! I hope you enjoy your time here at the Block Lotto. Wishing you a happy new year and some newbie luck for the upcoming months!

  3. Lida Rose and little Lida, Glad you both hoped on board for a fun ride at this creative site! I am pretty new myself…three months, I am just learning to sew and use the computer…the computer is a lot more tricky LOL Welcome Ladies to many happy hours stitching away! I look forward to seeing your Blocks. Happy New Year Ladies!

  4. Do people sing to you when they meet you?

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! Jude, I hear that there are these guys who have been walking around singing about me for years, but I have yet to meet them. 😉

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