Stripes and Duds on their way north

Posted by on January 22, 2014 in sent and received | 1 comment

We had a heat wave of 32 F so I took the envelopes to the post office today. I can’t remember the names on the envelope since I wrote them several weeks ago. but provided you aren’t snowed in from the recent blizzard, the ETA for Ohio and Michigan is Saturday, Jan 25.

Hope you enjoy the blocks!

Nashville, TN

1 Comment

  1. Thanks, Helen! When I saw this post this morning I drove to our mailbox (we have a very very long driveway) in the new 8″ of snow. There were your blocks in the mailbox, Delivered on Saturday, 2/25. Just wanted to let you know that they weren’t in shock. It’s super stinkin’ cold here in Ohio too. It’s in the single digits and is expected to be in the negatives next week. — Yeah…

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