Stripes mailed and Chevron question

Posted by on January 7, 2014 in sent and received | 3 comments

Stripes mailed to Elizabeth and to Jualianne.

I had difficulty with seam joins for the HTS when sewing up into pairs/chevrons so after thinking on it, I tried pressing the diagonal seams in first pair of chevrons going UP and next going Down and so on.  Was very easy to get nice seam joins that way without being bulky ..

Shall I continue with this method or fuss/fiddle with “all (diagonal) seams pressed to the DARK” ? —  and then which way do we press the joining seams?


  1. Unless you’re not using a good, “quilting quality” cotton for the white,there’s no reason not to press the seams as you describe, exactly for the reason you stated.

    • That’s good … I will proceed with my additional blocks. This will be a really cool quilt for a guy!

  2. If you have bulky seams, try pressing the seams open. This is a tip from a long arm quilter I know.

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