Stripes on my Wall!

Posted by on January 16, 2014 in sent and received | 3 comments

My design wall is filling up with the wonderful striped blocks — received some more yesterday from Sophie, Margaret and Angie.

I’m already puzzling about setting and the rectangular blocks are going to be really challenging.

I can’t resist adding a picture of our frozen lighthouse —  A local photographer said “OK to share”.  I don’t know if this breaks the rules, Sophie.Frozen Lighthouse 2014


  1. It’s definitely OK to share. When you said in a message the other day that Lake Michigan was frozen to the horizon, I couldn’t imagine it … I also wondered how many crazy people would be out ON the lake. That photo is amazing.

  2. Would you look at that! I heard that the last ship went out of Duluth today and are hoping it will get through. The ice is thicker & cover more than in decades. Your light house is courageous, still a beacon in the ice field.

  3. That photo is pretty amazing, Hauntingly beautiful.

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