Chevrons away!!!

Posted by on February 27, 2014 in sent and received | 3 comments

Finally got my chevrons in the mail to Jude, Peggy, and Madison!!  So sorry for the delay!!! I don’t know what it is about these blocks that makes me carry them around forever before I put them in the mail!!!  I will do better….I promise, Sophie!!!


  1. The blocks I absolutely love are the ones i find hard to take off my pin board for mailing! I just want to keep them a little bit longer! Maybe that’s why you wait to mail them?!

    • If that’s the case, the string bead winners may never get their blocks!!! Lol

  2. Thank you for sending them along. I promise to love them. Actually they will be going into a quilt for my church’s auction. We use the money to support our quilt ministry and other ministries of the church.

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