Finished my Stripey “Flimsy” Quilt Top

Posted by on February 27, 2014 in show and tell | 10 comments

This is how I used my “Stripe” blocks. By adding 4 of my own, I had enough for the “en pointe” setting. My daughter fell in love with it, so it will be her birthday present in May. My border is a new Carolyn Friedlander fabric; I had won a “giveaway” of her fabrics in a mini-charm pack and that led to a yardage of this fabric, which I think is perfect. Now it will go to my long-armer for her magic touch.

Stripey Block Lotto 2-14(2)

Stripey Detail

Stripey Border with FabridDetail



  2. This quilt is wonderful! A nice lay out for sure and I can see why your daughter Loves it…it is so fresh looking!!!

  3. Wonderful quilt design – I love it! Now that I have seen your design, I just might have to make more blocks for a quilt for myself.

  4. I can see why your daughter called dibs on it. innovative setting.

  5. Really Cute!!!!

  6. I’m amazed and delighted at how such diverse fabrics all sing together! It’s a fabulous setting.

  7. I love it! It’s so contemporary and will be in style for a toddler or a college student. Excellent!

  8. Great layout. I love it too. Totally understand why your daughter claimed it!

  9. Uh oh … this morning, seeing your quilt on the page made me start thinking about bead blocks “strung” on point …

  10. Love this! It looks great!!

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