Chained Star Blocks

Posted by on March 18, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

Four Chained Star Blocks for the draw, I tried 3 different techniques with the Qst’ and found the one Sophie described in her instructions worked best for me.  I got into trouble cutting the 3 1/2 inchs down…lopping off corners unequally…I put that down to inexperience I do however, think that if I decided to do a large project using Qst’ I would definitely get the June Taylor ruler. I found this block a challenge and learned quite a bit this month. Learning about contrast was also very interesting for me.  My first couple of duds, where very blendy and the star did not really pop so they were a bust all around lol. My Fabrics for Mod Mod quilt 004 My Fabrics for Mod Mod quilt 001 My Fabrics for Mod Mod quilt 002 My Fabrics for Mod Mod quilt 003


  1. Your star points look perfect! Can you please just confirm for me that the background fabric in the first block really is more green than it looks in the photo? Thanks.

  2. Hi Sophie thank you for the help and comment on the star points of these blocks. My first attempts were totally unsalvageable…even for duds. I am now happy with these blocks their contrast colours and their points ( It feels good when it feels right ). I tried to take another picture for you re the first block to show you it is green but, the energy saver curly bulbs seem to have a blueish tinge that makes all green read bluish. Let me assure you the backgrounds are all green…the one in question would sit nicely in value between the other floral dark green and the mottled dark green (wich shows kind of yellowish but it is not) They are all good strong greens Sophie. Happy good wishes to bless your day Sophie!

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