March blocks: wrong and right

Posted by on March 2, 2014 in blocks | 6 comments

I had four blocks for the Sneak Peek for March — and was gently reminded that I made them incorrectly!  Fortunately I had enough of each of the fabrics that I used.  I did some ripping, made four new Ohio stars, and sewed ’em up.  Sophie, I’m donating these blocks.

Can you see the difference?  BL Wrong 1 2226x2205 BL Correct 2053x2050


  1. As you know, I didn’t see the difference right away either … thanks for remaking them. I love the color-combinations you put together.

  2. It took me a while to figure out that you used green in the ones on the right. If they had been sent to me, I never would have noticed and I would have been perfectly happy with them. =)

    • Yes, I know the ones on the right are right. =)

  3. It took me the longest to figure it out. Like Susan – I don’t I’d have caught it. Nice blocks though.

  4. I actually did notice when I followed the link on the virtual quilt yesterday. I think I did because I was looking specifically to see what did and didn’t work for others, and your stars stood out better than everybody else’s. I am not sure that I wouldn’t use the “wrong” method if I made this block for my own quilt.

  5. Laugh! I too like the “wrong” ones!

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