My First Block Lotto Blocks from newbie Mariella

Posted by on March 29, 2014 in blocks | 4 comments

Hello My Fellow Block Lotto’ers!  This is my first offering to the Block Lotto.  I love these pretty blocks!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mariella from Mexico.  I’m from a big quilting family but I didn’t start making quilts until about 11 years ago.  I do all my quilting with the aid of sewing machines, unlike most of my family members who have always done it all by hand.  I hold to the belief that since I started quilting so late, I need to do it in the most time efficient manner possible in order to “catch up” to my family’s quilt output!  So I’m the maverick in my very traditional family!

Well, it’s very nice to be here and I’m so enthused to be presenting my first blocks.  Thanks to Sophie for creating such a marvelous and wonderful phenomenon such as this Block Lotto!!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Oh, and if anyone is interested here is my quilting blog:


  1. Welcome to the Block Lotto, Mariella!

  2. Thanks so much, Sophie!

  3. Mariella your blocks are lovely! Welcome to Block Lotto it is very educational and tons of fun…hope to see more beauties from you in the future…I have just learned to sew myself over the last year. Sophie has been so helpful…you are going to love this group!

    • Thanks Charlene! Yes I just love these blocks!!! That were fun to make too and I couldn’t believe that I got them to measure right on the exact size!!! I’m really looking forward to making April’s blocks!

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