Scrappy trip around the world completed

Posted by on March 26, 2014 in show and tell | 5 comments

IMG_2727Finally another quilt completed.  One of my granddaughters thought it was the best quilt I have made.   I love the bright colours and the scrappiness of it.

I have started making the first of two quilts out of the ships I won last year although don’t think they will be finished for awhile as I have so many projects on the go at the moment.  Good to get one completed though.


  1. What a sweet compliment from your granddaughter! It is a beautiful quilt.

  2. I made one for myself when I saw those blocks since I didn’t win ( grin).. And it is one of my favorite quilts as well. Never thought I woul like a scrappy so much, but I do!!! Love yours, the fabrics ar so fun in thIs one.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. That’s a fantastic quilt!!

  4. WOW! that is gorgeous ! <3

  5. This is beautiful!

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