Another Way to Look At It (Postage/Block Size)

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Most of the blocks we make this year will be 7 inch squares (finished size).

The March block is 14 inch square which is the equivalent of FOUR 7 inch squares.  Mailing one of those in an envelope is the  size and weight equivalent of mailing FOUR 7 inch blocks, which nobody complains so loudly about.

My plan was that we would make one more 14-inch block at the end of the year … but, honestly, because of all the whining about postage, I’m not sure that I will last that long.  Some of you have sucked the last bit of joy out of the Block Lotto for me.

We are an international group.  If you aren’t willing to pay international postage, this probably isn’t the place for you.

Being thrilled to receive blocks from all over the world but unwilling to reciprocate and pay the postage to send yours to those quilters says something not very flattering about you.

Complaining to me about it, when you know I manage to send individual blocks to winners EVERY month and pay international postage EVERY month, in addition to the time and $$$ I spend keeping this site and activity going, despite being unemployed for 16 months and struggling to keep a roof over my head and my internet alive also says something not very flattering and rather selfish about you.

I imagine I will be making (and yes, mailing and paying international postage) make up blocks this month because I know some of you just won’t mail your blocks–I am willing to do so, rather than have to deal with some of you one more month.  It would be nice if you would let me know … but your lack of communication indicates that won’t happen either, and yes, I think that says something not very flattering about you, too.



  1. Hi Sophie, sounds like you are having a difficult time…Just so you know, I think you expressed your points and concerns quite well. I am sorry you are having such a stressful time. Just so you know, I am willing to send blocks where ever and I had tried repeatedly to send a donation on PayPal and It did not take when you were revamping the site. I would like very much to contribute in this way…I love this site and all the challenges! It is fun making the blocks and seeing how everyone else interprets the guidelines and that doesn’t even address the Gallery and all the beautiful, completed projects! I sure hope everyone else sees that you are struggling and they shows the kindness , empathy and compassion to step up to the plate and help you (and themselves) in whatever way they can…that is not asking too much . Lets see what we can all do in our own little way to help restore Sophie’s JOY…

  2. If you need help making make up blocks I would be willing to help out. If any of the make up blocks you would have to make would be mine…don’t worry about it… I’ll make do without. I’m not without a job; however, I’m used to working with irresponsible people who don’t carry through on commitments where I work. I’m used to whiners because they are wherever I go. I’m used to people who want a free ride.

    I, for one, appreciate Block Lotto and can’t even imagine all the unpaid hours you put into it let alone the cost. (Well, I can kind of imagine).

    I’m sorry to hear your frustration. Let me know how I can be of help.

  3. Thanks for your supportive comments. It’s definitely a case of a few bad apples (and a couple more chronic complainers) getting to me … and, of course, the life stress that I’m under right now makes me less capable of dealing with it.

    I know that the majority of quilters who participate in the Block Lotto are good, kind, honorable quilters–though I have been doing this long enough to appreciate that some of those may decide to leave the block lotto because they perceive me as being too “mean” or harsh toward the cheaters, non-responders, late mailers, bad-black makers and chronic complainers.

    • Ditto on Cathy in IA’s comments. I LOVE what you provide for us and want you to keep on smiling! Your “offerings” each month are a much needed boost and allow me to do as little or much as I can manage. Some people are just so incosiderate. As for the cost of mailing internationally, maybe this is not the block project for those who can’t deal with that?


  4. I love what you do here. I am in another group that has international participation as well, and interestingly enough, two of the people dropped out right in the middle of the rounds!

    Amazing, we are halfway through the Robin! And they drop out.

    Commitments are commitments, especially when the organizers have to make sure your commitments are fulfilled!


  5. Gosh, Sophie, don’t let them get you down. Nobody forced them to participate in Block Lotto or to make and submit blocks, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we have added a lot of new members from other countries. Don’t they read the blog? To me that is part of the fun of doing this. I miss my old postmistress, who got as big a kick out of sending envelopes all over the world from our obscure little post office as I did.

    To me it is pretty simple – if I don’t feel like spending as much on mailing, I make less blocks. In this month’s case, I liked the block enough to risk it – and you gave us fair warning that we would be sending the blocks individually because of the size. Mine are sitting on my desk ready to mail as soon as I can get to the PO – probably Monday.

    If there is anything I can do to help, such as make an extra block or two, let me know. Hang in there, and don’t forget that a lot of us REALLY appreciate all you do! Kathleen

  6. I can relate to your frustration Sophie 🙂 please hang in there, as you say, it is just a few bad apples – hopefully they will drop out and you won’t have to deal with them any more.

  7. I REALLY appreciate ALL you do for us! I hope that my post (when I mailed my block) didn’t come across as complaining about postage. I was actually complaining about the clerk not knowing how to do his job….I LOVE Block Lotto and LOVE that it is so international! I have learned so much from the monthly blocks. I am a full time mom and part time (4 hours a week) teacher but I would love to help however I can. Please don’t let the rotten apples spoil your joy. There are many more of us that appreciate ALL you do for us!

    Nashville, TN

  8. Whiners and complainers unite! Create your own version of Block Lotto”. Maybe you could call it “Blotto Block” or something. It’s obvious that you have no concept of how much time and dedication is put into this by Sophie. And if you don’t like the “rules”, don’t play. There are many of us that enjoy the opportunity to trade blocks with others. And NO, that does not mean just in the United States. No one makes you play! If you find it too costly, or restrictive, or whatever else you choose to find wrong with this wonderful idea, just go somewhere else.

    Sophie, I know you are sick and tired of having to listen to those ungrateful, spoiled people. I agree, it does say something unflattering about those who think they are so special and entitled. I’m so sorry that they are taking the fun out of it for you. Know that I’m behind you. I know you do all this work with a passion and most of us are thankful. So, THANK YOU! Let me know how I can help.

  9. Sophie, wow, I am so sorry. I hope the rally of supportive replies outweigh recent negative experiences. This is my first time participating in Block Lotto. I am amazed and thankful for all you do for us. I hope my post did not come across as a complaint. It was not a complaint. I was pleased and thought what I paid for postage was a bargain considering they were going halfway around the world. I wanted to let others know. It is great to share blocks with others and have a quilt that represents a group of international quilters. Again, thank you for ALL you do! hugs 🙂 Dena

  10. OMG. I’m sorry people have been complaining and taking the joy out of BL for you. I’ve just about got the hang of the March block ;), so I’d be happy to do one of the make up ones as well. I think its hard for people to conceive how much effort it takes for you to chose the blocks, the combinations and get information out to us regularly and on time/

  11. Hi Sophie,
    I am sorry that you have had difficulties with Block Lotto, I for one greatly appreciate all your efforts in designing and organising every thing. From where I am in Australia, the size of the envelope makes all the difference and the 14″ blocks, 1 per envelope, will that the minimum for ‘rest of the world’ postage category $2.50 ish. Yes I have made only 2. I send my blocks overseas every month and feel privileged to be able to participate.
    Thanks again Sophie for all your hard work.

  12. Sophie, I’ve been thinking about your post, and about the complainers. I’m sorry they’re getting to you. I, too, appreciate what you do for us, even though I don’t participate every month. Would it be possible for you to put a “donate” button on the BL site? Your dedication is wonderful, but there are many of us who would be glad to help out financially.

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