Mod Mod Qal- Bead on a string

Posted by on April 15, 2014 in my sampler | 3 comments

Hi, I have finally finished the beads, I used Dena’s WIP video for the circles (tin foil method) and found it speedy and gave an excellent result. The bead blocks use a lot of techniques and are good learning tools. Now it is on to the Chained Stars. Wishing you have a Joyous Day!

february Bead-on-a- String Mod mod qal


  1. Those bead blocks look perfect! I like the green you used for the string.

  2. Thank you Sophie, I tried grey on 3 beads but, it just didn’t work there so I switched to green and feel very happy with it. I didn’t get a chance to get on with the chained stars as I had planned but I am aiming to being caught up by months end…I really do wish our days had 36 hours , think of all we could get done! LOL Remember to Smile BIG Sophie! Cheers

  3. I’m so glad the foil method for circles worked for you; the blocks are beautiful! The green is striking and a nice contrast. Dena

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