Sent out my Blocks to Dagmar, Geraldine and Karen in S. Africa today

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My first Block for April 2014

My first Block for April 2014

Hi Everybody!

Yep, I did get to the post office and mailed out the Star Chain blocks to Dagmar in Germany, Geraldine in Virginia, USA and Karen in South Africa!!  The people at the post office told me that the envelopes should arrive in 10 days, but this is Mexico and we have really slow mail service.  I will be interested to see if they are good to their word.    AND last night I made the first April block using method #1…….I think I will enjoy using the Foundation Pieced method the best (Method #3), today I printed out the foundation sheets so I can get started assembling the rest of the blocks!    I will be posting more blocks quite soon, (I hope)!  Mariella


  1. Mariella what a pretty block…let me know how the foundation piecing goes, I have not tried that technique yet. Happy sewing!

  2. Charlene,

    I made 3 foundation pieced blocks last night. The first one I wasted a whole heap of extra fabric in the making of the block. Then I got smart and measured my different triangle pieces needed and added a healthy extra all around and didn’t have so much waste. I think both method #1 and #3 served me well (I do have a good deal of experience with both methods). Today I would like to use Method #2 just to see if there is anything there that I haven’t tried before! I am having fun and pulling out just huge amounts of fabrics to try different color combinations. Happy Sewing right back at you!!!!

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