Star Chain for Mariella

Posted by on April 2, 2014 in sent and received | 2 comments

On it’s way to Mexico. There was a debate between the post office counter workers as to if it needed a customs form and they decided no…..but he charged me twice as much as I usually pay for postage….hopefully it will get there ok. He told me 10 to 14 days. Well see….Mexico isn’t as far as Israel and that one arrived pretty quick (last month).


Nashville, TN


  1. I had the same conversation with my post office today. They also decided no’

  2. Oh thanks for sending my blocks! Yes, our postal expenses are more here but the service has greatly improved greatly in the last couple of years. I will be interested to find out how long my blocks take to arrive to Dagmar in Germany, Geraldine in the U.S.A and Karen in South Africa. and to receive that blocks that have been sent to me, of course! LOL!!

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