A new way to make a Jewel Box quilt

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Jewel Box Quilt from The Quilter Magazine

Jewel Box Quilt from The Quilter Magazine

I happened to flip through an issue of The Quilter while shopping tonight and this Jewel Box quilt jumped out at me because … I saw our April block, Triangles in a Square in the center of those Jewel Box blocks, and then realized how you could construct a variation of the traditional Jewel Box design by making that block and alternating it with a block constructed from four 4-patches. You would cut the squares for the 4-patches 2 1/4 inch to end up with a 7-9nch block.

Or you could use the TiaS blocks as the center of the Jewel Box blocks, adding 4-patches and Half-Square Triangle units around it.

Do you see what I see?

In the (free) downloadable directions for this quilt, the Jewel Box blocks are 12 inches square.  If you started with our 7 inch square Triangles in a Square blocks, you would be making the equivalent of 14 inch Jewel Box blocks.

FYI, it’s from the June/July issue of the magazine.

1 Comment

  1. This is a lovely pattern! It would really use up the scrappy bits, Thanks for sharing Sophie, could a person do the same thing with the oak leaf or basket block in the center and get the diagonal squares look? I realize the shape is not square but could it be made to work?

    / block

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