Another quilt inspired by the Violet Block

Posted by on May 24, 2014 in show and tell | 2 comments

violets again

Hi everyone,

Here is my completed quilt (March 2014) which took its inspiration from the Block Lotto Violet block (2011) but with the light background.

All flowers are from different fabrics, with a mix of yellow centres using the 8 inch layout.

This was my first attempt with free motion quilting (ie darning foot), be it only for outlining the flower centres.

Flowers were outlined using variegated thread (purple tones) using walking foot, backing was in solid lavender.

I think this has been a widely used block in a fantastic range of colourways, Thanks again Sophie.



  1. I love the variety of colors that you used. I hope it becomes a well-used quilt in your household.

  2. Oh how Lovely! A refreshing spring kiss! I think the white background works very well and your free style quilting must have been an adventure, It really worked well for you. I tried making a machine cover last weekend …having absolutely no idea about how to do it,,,no walking foot…and feed dogs that don’t go down (Or if they do I don’t know how to do that) Snort LOL…what a bunchie mess,,,I don’t think the machine minds but, something drastic needs to change before I try it on a quilt. It sure isn’t anything I’d care to share on Block Lotto unless we had “Beginners nightmares” for a category! Have a great day Margaret!

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