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Here’s my block for May. (The picture isn’t the best.) I used the paper foundation method and it worked well for me. I hate measuring and cutting lots of little pieces. So any time I can paper piece, I’m all for it! I’ve only had time to make the one block. We had a crawfish boil at my house this weekend and getting ready to have 50 guests has taken most of my time the last several weeks. Hopefully now I can get back to work on some other projects. I really need to get to work on my Mod Mod quilt!

I’ve added the picture below for anyone who doesn’t know what a crawfish boil is.

crawfish boil


  1. I love to quilt, but I’d choose a Crawfish Boil over sewing lotto blocks any day.

  2. Sooo? What the heck is a Crawfish Boil??? If you had 50 people it must be a lot different thing then it would medically indicate! ….at any rate “I hope it was entertaining and a ton of fun! Charlene in the North!

  3. Charlene, I’ve added a picture to the post of the Crawfish Boil. You can see the girl on the left is holding a crawfish up. It’s like a very small lobster. But they live in freshwater. You traditionally boil them in a big pot with lots of spices, sausage, potatoes and corn. But you can add pretty much anything you want. Our cook adds whole heads of garlic, whole mushrooms and artichokes to his. When they are done, you just dump them on the table and everyone digs in!

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