The Very Late and Sketchy Sneak Peek

Posted by on May 27, 2014 in housekeeping | 2 comments

If you have made and posted Diagonal Bars blocks, you should have received the very late and sketchy sneak peek from me … except for Barbara–I am getting a “closed account” message from the (old?) email address I have for you.  I’ll look for a different one … or you could reach out and touch me to make sure I have it.

As always, this is a good time for everyone to check to make sure that I have attributed the correct number of blocks to you on the at-a-glance page and that if you want to pass on the drawing, I have added your blocks to the correct list.


Here are examples of the colors, courtesy of Pantone, along with white, that we’ll be using in June:

PantoneTurquoise   PantoneAqua  PantoneLemonZest


  1. Well I’ll be darned! I thought aqua was Greener and Turquoise was Bluer but really they are the same colour, it’s just the turquoise is darker!

  2. Hi Sophie – I did not receive an email. I’ve checked my spam box and there’s nothing there either. Can you please resend to me – thanks.

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