3 for the block lottery

Posted by on July 21, 2014 in blocks | 1 comment

Made a number of them, need to make more.

Made a number of them, need to make more.


Been every busy last month and this month, but missed last month’s entry into the lottery  so I want to make sure I’m in this month.

This block is easy to make but really hard on someone that’s a little colour blind 😉 – which I am.  I’ve made 9 in total, but am submitting 3 for the lottery: a pink and two greens.  Not sure about the blue/ yellow, looks great, but it doesn’t follow the rules.  So I’m keeping the rest for my queen size quilt – need 14 blocks for that.  I’m hoping to make more later blocks later to enter more.

1 Comment

  1. You’re right–the blue/yellow block is interesting, but doesn’t follow the guidelines for monochromatic fabric combinations … sorry.

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