I Need Help Printing Template Right Size

Posted by on September 2, 2014 in block lotto community | 3 comments

sweetdreams 1inchsquare trianglemeasure

I can’t get the templates to print properly so I don’t end up with a 7.5 inch (unfinished) block.  Mine ends up 8 inches no matter how hard I try to re- size templates and print.  My seams are exactly 1/4 inch. As you can see the triangle measurement is not right and I can’t get it any smaller than 7 1/4 inches.     Any advice?  I’m not very good at this re – sizing stuff.  If I was going to make all the blocks for a quilt for myself I would go with the off size; however, I need to at least make blocks for my MOD MOD sampler and they won’t fit in at the incorrect size.


  1. I converted Marcia’s GIF file to a PDF and emailed it to you to test. Be sure to print at 100% (no scaling) and let me know if it prints correctly for you.

  2. I struggled also and ended up printing out the block and took it to my library, with a ruler and Sophies notes on the sizes. I enlarged it on the copier Fortunately my library gives us 15 free copies a month as I made several tries to get the right size. On the library copier I either did it at 136% or 137%. I can’t remember which now. Anyway, once I got the right enlargement I came home, copied it on my copier/printer, checked the measurements again, and went from there.

  3. Sophie, could you send me the same email? I am having trouble too. atticw@hotmail.com

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