The Drawing Tomorrow

Posted by on October 30, 2014 in housekeeping | 1 comment

I don’t know yet how my new job, calendar and work environment will effect the drawing tomorrow … the good news is that a library is within walking distance so if I am foiled by firewalls and blocker software and can’t do what I need to do on my phone, I have a back-up plan.

So far, 139 blocks have been made and posted.  Which means we will have 6 winners!  The target set size is 24 blocks (which is the equivalent of 48 7-inch square blocks). The first five winners randomly selected will receive at least 24 blocks.  The sixth winner will receive a smaller set … depending on if any other blocks are made between now and the deadline of NOON tomorrow on the (US) east coast.

If you are one of the twenty two quilters who are in the drawing so far, GOOD LUCK!

1 Comment

  1. Sophie, that is a lot of blocks for only twenty some . The chances to win are really high! Thank you to all those who donated their blocks this month…I love the extra chances! Have a wonderful Day everyone!

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