Easy X blocks = Easy Tree Quilt

Posted by on November 26, 2014 in block lotto community, Inspiration | 4 comments


The author of the tutorial for this sweet tree quilt uses a completely different technique for making her little X blocks (AKA quilty cross stitch blocks), but look what she made from them … and think about what we could make from the Easy-X blocks!

Find the tutorial here:  The Tree is Trimmed.

If you used our 7 inch Easy X blocks in this layout, you’d have a bed quilt (70 by 84 inches) … wouldn’t it make a fun quilt for a bed? I would probably add borders, some star blocks in the “sky” and maybe some birds or animals on the ground or wrapped presents under the tree …yes, my wheels are turning …


  1. Clever and cute!

  2. The red flowers look like ornaments

  3. I thought so, too, Dena!

  4. This is cute, cute, cute!

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