Mod Mod QAL Woven Bars completed!

Posted by on November 6, 2014 in my sampler | 2 comments

X jewel tone 009
This doesn’t mean I’m caught up, I jumped ahead because I couldn’t figure out how to get the joined Sun points skinny at the join without needing to take in too much of the background fabric causing it to warp at that same join and not be 14 inches anymore…HELP! I am to have 2 pieces of background fabric right? Now I am thinking maybe it should be 1 piece with the center cut out…


  1. You can make it either way. when you are sewing the two arc sections together, are you sewing on the line of the foundation pattern?

  2. I have tried to figure out if I have been Sophie…the paper was ripped off a while ago and I don’t have another copy to look at. I am going to finish up the Bars blocks which I am doing with the Paper Piecing method…I like it more and more as I see the very accurate results! then I’ll try working on the suns again. I became frustrated enough to need the mental distance…I have seen everyone else’s amazing Suns so, I know it can be achieved…however, i hate mucking up good fabric so I really want to think this through before I cut again. You just might be hearing from me again as i move forward with this block… i love it because it is a great learning experience and a challenge!

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