Mod Mod Quilt- Bars Block- Modified

Posted by on November 21, 2014 in my sampler | 3 comments

Hot off the sewing Machine and Ironing Board!…All in 2 days work!Sophie I tried it the way with the background going through the bars but, it just wasn’t working…the quilt kept saying ‘More Colour”. LOL -Talking quilts What next!
Mod Mod Quilt progress 019


  1. I love your colorful bars!!

    • Thank You Sophie! I realized one of the patches was on upside down …discovered it like, where is Waldo? when looking at the picture I posted…I just picked it apart and sewed it in the way I wanted it …Can’t say it looks any better but, the balance is restored!

  2. Hey Charlene! I love your bright bars. Very warm and playful 😉

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