Mod Mod Quilt Progress

Posted by on November 27, 2014 in my sampler | 2 comments

I missed the month we did this block but, finally I have had the time to try it and catch up on the mod mod for that month! Yay! I really enjoyed making this block, it is a very happy little block. I wasn’t sure but, were we to put a dream in each center?…I did.
Mod Mod Quilt progress 005.


  1. It looks like comments are allowed … What are you seeing?

    • I am seeing comments Sophie However when I posted I did see in Italics Comments off…Apparently, that isn’t so and I am all down for that! So How are you feeling…any improvements? I’m not going to say too much here in case I say too much and make you laugh. Have a good day!

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