Two X’s from Ginny (sort of)

Posted by on November 9, 2014 in blocks | 1 comment

I am going to donate these two blocks to this month’s drawing but I want to make a disclosure: I cut off one of the corners of the red block by accident (in the photo it’s the upper right corner, next to the pink block, and I was too lazy to take it apart so I just added another piece of red and trued it up. You can just see the line made by the seam, if you look close.

So I’m either donating one or two blocks, and I’ll send them both to whomever wins!IMG_2514

1 Comment

  1. If you look closely at the yellow Easy X blocks in my Mod-Mod Sampler, you’ll see I pieced the fabric in a couple of the quarters because I didn’t have any more “yellow” and after going to all the fabric sellers in Santa Fe and being told, “it’s green” … I couldn’t find anything that was close.

    Your blocks are OK to include.

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