December Block

Posted by on December 4, 2014 in show and tell | 2 comments

IMG_4446_editedAnother one I had made before – a fun block.  It was a block of the month for our Guild and I won a set. This is my China shelves. I simplified the block a bit and used a whole white square in the center so I could quilt an N in each of the centers.  I made it quilt as I go.

Here’s the N in the block.   I like Sophie’s version.   Angie in SoCal.nsig


  1. I like the idea of seeing these blocks as China. I had an idea for using a single piece of fabric for the center, too … but it’s a bit different (I hope to make some examples and share them this weekend.

  2. Angie your quilt is beautiful! I am glad you shared it, Thank You. Happy days to you!

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