I’m so behind! Easy X blocks received….

Posted by on December 14, 2014 in sent and received | 1 comment

I have a small quilt business, specializing in t-shirt quilts and memory type items (hope that’s ok to post), so Christmas and Graduation are my busiest times of year.  And THIS year?  What?!  Customers actually ordered early, and they didn’t stop.  I still have a handful to finish in, oh, how many days?  11!!!  I do this to myself every year…lol.  I just don’t know when to say “No.”. 🙂  So, I am a little behind on posting my receives…not to mention my Christmas shopping!  Think my kids will mind? 🙂

Here’s a list of those I’ve received Easy X blocks from so far:





Kathy S






Sharon K


They are all beautiful and I can’t wait until I have a chance to lay them out all together!

1 Comment

  1. Hi Nancy, Well, it sure looks like the economy is thriving at your house! That is terrific. Just think of all the wonderful memories you are helping others to keep alive, Deep breaths and a Happy constant attitude are being wished for you during this busy time. My blocks should reach you soon.

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