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When I made the bars I really felt my quilt needed more colour so I replaced the white background Bars with coloured ones…now I realize that I probably should have stuck with Sophies’ design as the background stripes would have let in some light and moved the eye through the block more easily. At this point, I am not going to pick it out and start again but, I do sense a denseness of colour in this block and it comes out heavier then I intended! It sort of pulls my eye into it instead of moving through it. It also makes the block look too similar to the Triangles in a square…Wow I am learning and that’s one of the reasons I’m doing this quilt so bonus! I also realized that I sewed the bars on sideways closing in the centers..maybe that is helping to make the blocks more dense…I really like everything else here…it works! YAY!!!
pics 013

1 Comment

  1. Charlene, Thanks so much for sharing your insights. We make so many design and color choices in a quilt. I am learning a lot in this QAL too!

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