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Here are a couple more Charity tops one has the Basket Block…I made some extra ones to go with the Duds/Orphans one I received, the other top uses a chevron I made to go with other left overs…keep in mind, sewing is new to me so there are probably zillions of mistakes. Just thought you might like to see what bits and pieces…even unrelated ones can do even for beginners! ( I am allergic to house work so if you see any dust bunnies in the pictures…ignore them)baskets

chevron star


  1. These are lovely Charlene

  2. These are wonderful!

  3. Really cute!!!!

  4. Sewing is new to you??? You had me fooled! Those are just lovely. Oh, and I have the same allergy!!!

  5. Thank you Ladies! You have made my week!!!…I feel so happy right now I could almost pull out a dust rag and mop And think about applying them. LOL!

  6. Great job Charlene! Thanks for showing us your creations. Very cute

  7. Great idea, Charlene. I think in 2015 I’ll make extra blocks when I’m not in the swap just so I can make charity quilts.

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