Woven bars on my design wall

Posted by on December 7, 2014 in block lotto community | 4 comments

I put most of the woven bar blocks up on my design wall so everyone can see how they look together.  I like the idea of using black sashing because it becomes part of the overall pattern and pulls all the blocks together.  What do you all think? Any suggestions 😉

Again, thank you to the makers for  the  blocks.  I really like they all look together.  I have 13additional blocks I could not fit on this  48″x48″ design wall so it’s going to be a decent size quilt when finished.image


  1. I think this layout will make a great design.

  2. Pat these really look terrific! I knew this block would be a winner!!! The colours work wonderfully don’t they. Thanks for sharing them like this, it makes it real for me. Take care Pat and happy sewing…I think they look great just like this but, if you decide to do something else I think they will still look Fab. They are Winners!

    • Hi Charlene. I always wonder what the blocks that I send to the winners look like together on a wall . I get attached to them…..and never know what happens to them 😉 So I put these on the wall to share and to listen to the quilt “talk to me”. It will have a border on it so I’m working on that idea… Fun!

  3. Nice! Just an idea – what if the sashing was one of the colors in the woven bars block? Perhapsorange or gold

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