BW 9 patches from Mexico

Posted by on March 18, 2015 in sent and received | 3 comments

Mariella’s blocks arrived today.  I think that I have received all of the blocks due.  (Lessons learned: (a) keep a list of who will send blocks and (b) do not rush to make a quilt top out of the winnings!)

P.S. Thanks, Mariella, for the sunflower FQ!


  1. Tthat is really good advice Nann… things get busy and it is easy to get side tracked.

  2. Maybe you could make a pillow from the blocks that arrived after your quilt was done? (Lately, I see almost everything as a possible pillow cover.) Thanks for the update.

  3. OH I’m so happy to hear that they finally arrived!! YOu know I sent those out the 5th of Feb before the other two envelopes for February! Our mail is so SLOW!! But I do send everything with tracking numbers so if my envelopes don’t arrive I do have some recourse. Anyway all’s well that ends well…..and Sophie’s pillow idea is a good one!!! Happy Sewing!!!

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