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Posted by on May 8, 2015 in block lotto community, Help, uncategorized | 3 comments

Not sure if it is ok to ask this question on Block Lotto so I am going to go ahead and ask. I absolutely love to pick out fabric and piece quilts and on the throw size I quilt myself but on larger ones I have someone local quilt them. My question is…. Does anyone know a good way for me to list and sell them? I have about 13 quilts right now for sale at excellent prices. They are beautiful too! Quilting is my therapy and my hubby tells me I need to get rid of some! Thanks all! Elizabeth


  1. etsy.

  2. Elizabeth, to answer your question about appropriateness … it’s OK to ask your question. It’s NOT OK to offer your quilts for sale here.

  3. I agree with Helen. Etsy is your best bet.

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