Intermediate Quilter vs the Bargello 9

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in blocks | 3 comments

In Thursday’s Fight of the Month, another out and out brawl is in store for us. Backing the B9 was Evil Bernina (EB), IQ’s nemesis. In the corner for IQ were the well-known duo Spray Starch (SS) and Seam Ripper (SR).

Round 1 lasted all afternoon with EB blocking every move, while SR struggled to keep IQ in the ring. After a good bit of cursing (#%@), IQ triumphed in a close decision.

Round 2 commenced the next day and lasted almost as long. B9’s and EB’s sneaky moves resulted in a complete defeat for IQ, who fought valiantly but vainly. (Details NSFW).

In Round 3, later the same day, IQ‘s dogged determination scored early, taking out B9’s corner support. Left without any assistance from EB, the Bargello 9 conceded the match grudgingly.

Concession photo (retouched to remove the gory bits):

IQ vs B9


  1. Ha, ha! Glad you persevered.

  2. A great and triumphant Match! Hurrah!!!

  3. Your post provoked some mixed emotions in me:
    Evil Bernina? Really? I love my Purple Nina, so I cannot imagine thinking she’s evil;
    Challenging? maybe, but that’s part of the point of the Block Lotto–to stretch and try new things … and part of that challenge is feeling pretty good when you face the challenge and conquer it!

    Congratulations! You did it!

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