Orphans and Duds, 2014, Have been Placed!

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Hi …so what do you think? This was my win from New Years Eve 2014 it was a lot of fun and very relaxing to Piece. While I was working on my Mod Mod Quilt I had a lot of time to think about what I would do with these blocks. What would unify them and what would I do with all the various sizes? I kept thinking of the old fashioned photo Albums with the heavy black paper and lick em and stick em triangle corners we used to hold the photos down with…do you remember those? LOL…weird to be writing about them on the internet that does everything now! Anyway,this is my interpretation of that idea. I want to quilt in little corners on each block (when I learn how to quilt hopefully this winter) Well I hope you all get where I am going with this LOL! Sophie, again thank you for this site and your creative energies they always inspire me… Have a wonderful week and Keep smiling everyone!
Dud top and 9 patch 001

Dud top and 9 patch 002


  1. They are orphans and duds no longer. I love a quilt with a story.

    • Thank you Kathy! I hope you like” learning to quilt ” stories too?…I am sure that come the winter I will be pestering you all. LOL…If you know of any great beginner tutorials, I am all ears. I’d also like to know about the best basic supplies. I was even wondering about #8 perle cotton for those big side of jeans type hand quilting stitches…wouldn’t they look good on the black?

  2. I like your “album” of duds … and see a couple of mine among them. FYI, I edited your post to add a featured image so the image would expand to fill the slider on the home page.

    • Thank you Sophie, I have had a lot of interest in this quilt and especially the Boomer, Violet and Small Heart…your designs right? I tell them to check out the past block section of Block Lotto. My son absolutely adores the coffee mug! I love it all Orphans or Duds they look great to me! Sophie I will go and check out the big picture…thank you…I think all the ladies who made the blocks will enjoy looking at their new placements!

  3. I remember the white corners on the black pages of heavy paper. In fact, I still have some of them of me when I was a mere baby!

    Love this quilt. So cool, it is.

    • Thank you Glen, I haven’t seen a photo corner in years! They must have used a very good glue back then if they are still sticking!!! Well, then again, I don’t know your age…maybe you’re just a young sprout and your parents used contact cement so they wouldn’t lose you…LOL A lot of the younger set find this quilt “Cool” so maybe you are younger or at least ‘Young at Heart’

  4. Oh Charlene, this is wonderful! I won a batch of these too. Ever so often I get them out and stare at them. My last idea was to make them all the same size….but I never thought of using black. Good thinking!

    • Thank you Julie, It did take a while for the idea to take hold of me …then I doubted the use of so much black…when I saw Elizabeth Clark’s X’s on black I found the confidence to give it a whirl…I am happy with the result too! I had the same concerns about cutting the blocks down and just felt, “No, let’s try this first and if you don’t like it rip it out.” I am SOOO glad I like it! Happy Summer to you Julie! Enjoy the freedom!

  5. Cute idea! I spy a couple of my orphans!

    • Thank You Cathy, I KNOW and aren’t they wonderful! I had a ball with this top! Summer Smiles to you Cathy!

  6. I LOVE what you did with the orphan blocks! I knew exactly what you meant when you said the black photo album pages and the little triangle tabs that held the photos! Y ou’re right, the internet does everything for us now. 🙁

    • Hi Kathy, Thank you for your comment! I hope you realize you might be in Jeopardy of giving away your age by admitting that one?! However, I have to say, ” Now I Know that I am in Good Company!” Have a wonderful and Creative day Kathy!

  7. Can’t quite make out the top center block, the one that looks to be dark blue — Despite that, LOVE what you’ve done with th blocks!

    • Hi Karen, Thank you for the nice compliment …sorry I took so long in answering you…my son has been in Hospital again so I haven’t been on the PC much. The center block was from a lady in eastern Canada – if I remember correctly. It is a coffee mug in an ‘ outer space’ type print…it is my sons favorite block…I planned to add some steam tendrils in embroidery floss before I try quilting it. I thought that could accent the cup nicely. Karen have a wonderful week!

      • So sorry for the health problem with your son. So special thanks for your reply — yes, Steam Curls/trails will be great!
        thank you for posting a photo of the quilt. I’ve yet to set my past blocks I made to keep … SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hi Karen, I know how that feels, These guys sat around for a year before I figured this setting out but, let me tell you it is a really great buzz getting them them placed. I also just saw a quilt of odd blocks where the lady had them hanging …like laundry drying on 2 lines with birds also sitting on the lines…that quilt looks better…don’t get me wrong,… I still like mine…it is right for my purpose…this other one is stellar though! Have a good night Karen, and get some creative planning going!

  8. Love it. Your sampler album is a great idea.

    • Hi Angie, Thank you …I had a lot of fun with this , I didn’t know if it would fly or not but, thought it was worth a try and, I have a great seam ripper if it was a disaster! LOL Glad I did give it a try ! Happy Sewing Angie and tons of smiles!

  9. Oh what a fabulous interpretation!!! I love it! and I remember those photo albums! Ya, I”m old!! You did a great job and if you are in the market for learning free motion quilting might I reccommend Leah Day. She has a website and there is much there for free and there are things to buy that help AND if you order today or on the first of any month the shipping is free. Just poke around she really has a wealth of information. I have been following her for several years and all her guidance really helps. Good Luck and send a photo when you’ve finished!!!! Sew and Enjoy!!!

    • Mariella Hi! and Thank you !!! I will definitely check out the site you mentioned …I am very interested in learning to machine quilt…I tried it free motion style on my own using saran wrap over the bed of the machine and table and it was pretty slippery but, gosh, did I end up with a mess…some of the stitches were almost 1/2″ long and others were teensie weensie ones! No doubt about it, help is needed! On the up side though my dogs each ended up with a new bed! They don’t seem to mind the horrible stitches at all but, I have to improve my skills because I’m running out of dogs to make beds for. LOL Mariella I am wishing you a colourful happy weekend!


    the website is:


    Oh and I just discovered she has youtube videos too!!


    • Wow just had a sneak peek …these will really help Thank you for the great tips!

  11. A couple other sources for good machine quilting – Sue Nickel’s book, Machine Quilting, and books and videos by Angela Walters (look for her on YouTube).

    • Hi Sophie! How’s the move going? I hope you are sorted out now. I will check out these tips for sure…I will be off line for a week but then, I should be able to take another try at everything fun and relaxing, HA!!! Snort…I will not even tell about my animal block…other then my intended dog looks like a sausage! That wouldn’t be bad if she was a dackshound but, she is a beautiful Golden Lab!!!

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