Sorry, I forgot

Posted by on June 16, 2015 in sent and received | 2 comments

… to report that my May block is on the way to Sophie since last week. It’s better to forget to report than to send, right? I could not send it earlier because I needed it as prop for my quilt group. Talk this month: all about Block Lotto. The amazing things you can learn. There might going to be a lot of lurkers!

Can’t wait to see what you are making, Sophie. I am sure it is going to be gorgeous.

Christa in VA


  1. I will be stopping by the post office this afternoon after my second interview for a local job (cross your fingers and/or say a little prayer for me).

    • Sorry I read this too late for the prayer. Hope all went well anyway. I couldn’t stand not being in a long-term employment (trained as a bookkeeper … like my numbers in a row). On the other hand … I applied for SS October 1st and after at least 3 visits to the SS office with unbelievable waiting times its still not resolved. I wish you all the best!!!

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