Which Color?

Posted by on June 1, 2015 in block lotto community | 3 comments

Kathie’s mention of the abundance of blue fabrics in her stash prompted me to put together this quickie poll:

What color dominates your fabric stash?

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If you follow the Block Lotto by mail or through a feed reader, you may have to click over to the Block Lotto site to see/vote in the poll … or you can use this link (goes directly to the poll on the Poll Code site … with ads.)


  1. When I saw this I had to go have a look at my stash. I would say it is fairly evenly distributed. No one colour seems to dominate, however there is a marked lack of yellow, orange, purple and green. It’s something I’ve noticed and am working on. That said, I’m also looking at actually using up a lot of it though a visit to the local guilds quilt show on the weekend had me inspired and off to the fabric shops, so I’m backsliding.

  2. I have an abundance of greens…it is a colour I like and it seems to find me…people give me green things too. I find it harder to use lots of green when making quilts so unfortunately, it gathers. While light yellows thru deep oranges … a range I also like is always needing to be replenished…these colours are easy to use so a lot of it is needed.

  3. Pink!

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