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My 12 year old dog is sick and there is nothing we can do but make her comfortable.  She is also a Registered (retired) Therapy Dog, that I rescued as a puppy her before my husband and son came along, so you can imagine we have a lot of history together.  I’m heartbroken so I almost didn’t do a block this month.  My other dog is being evaluated Aug 2.  I hope we pass, he loves kids and will need the attention when his sister is gone.  Paws crossed!

Fish are relaxing and I had one as a kid, so here is my aquarium.  I hope it follows the rules.
Helen, Nashville, TN 



  1. Very cute aquarium.
    Thoughts are with you. I have a poodle that is about 13 years old. She doesn’t like to go outside anymore and she doesn’t get around very well. My heart is already breaking to think of losing her.

  2. Hi Helen, My heart feels for you…when our pets move through this life with us they truly become loved and cherished family members. I am glad you have an expanded family. I also really like your creative little aquarium…tres` cute!

  3. Helen, I’m so sorry about your dog. It’s so heartbreaking. I have a 10-year-old dog who I can’t bear to think about losing.
    I hope your dog’s send is peaceful. Big hugs to you, and I love the block too!

  4. When the pet members of our family are sick, it is so hard. It sounds like you and your dog had a good many happy years together.

    Yes, your block follows the rules. It’s charming.

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