I had the best intentions … and a reminder

Posted by on July 31, 2015 in blocks | 2 comments

First the reminder – the drawing happens in approximately an hour from now.

Now the best intentions excuses.

I was really looking forward to producing a menagerie of blocks, inspired by the animals that have passed through my life: a pair of parakeets, three dogs, a couple of lizards and five cats … I am sure there were some fish, too.   But life happened.  My disastrous move happened.  My excitement, then disappointment of a possible job (and not getting an offer) happened.

Tommy-PFP-PupI had a list of patterns (and pattern ideas) I wanted to try this month.  One was this cute puppy, seen on the blog, Tommy The Material Girl.  You can see the quilt she made from this block here. I left a comment asking for the source and she kindly sent it to me, along with this block. I’m adding it to the donated chances list.  Thanks, Tommy.


  1. Life happens to all of us at one time or another. Roll with the punches and keep on keeping on. We all understand and hope things will smooth out for you very soon. It’s a new day.

  2. this pup looks just like my Silvi. Even the stare when she wants something! It’s beautiful.

    I hope things are getting better for you….William comes home exhausted but we have almost survived a full week of Kindergarten.


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