It’s Raining Cats and Dogs in July

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JulieP-FeatureDogIn July, it’s quilter’s choice of a pet-themed block.

Julie P made this one.

Guidelines for fabrics and blocks are included in this post.

You may make a maximum of 9 blocks for chances in the drawing at the end of the month. The target set size for the winners will be 48 blocks.

If you make multiple block pairs, you can use the same background for all your blocks and you can use the same block pattern in up to three of your blocks, using different fabrics.

Tags and Categories


Add the tag Pet to all your blog posts about this block.

The category should be blocks when you are posting photos of your blocks to enter them in the drawing; use the category sent and received when you are posting about mailing or receiving blocks; and the category show and tell to share projects you make from this block (whether they are lotto blocks or blocks you make for yourself.


Block Guidelines

Make a 9 1/2 inch Block (to finish at 9 inches) of your choice with the theme of a Household Pet.
  • It can be a block based on an actual pet or a neighbor’s pet or a pet you always wanted. But it should be an animal or bird that is theoretically domesticated and kept as a pet.
  • The background of your block must have a light value.  It can be white, cream, pastel colors or a print with a light background that reads as light.
  • You can use ANY technique, ANY pattern to make your block. If you choose fused appliqué, it must be sewn down.  Your block should be washable when made into a quilt by the winner.  If I weren’t in frantic mode around here, I would likely have stitched a redwork cat and made both pieced and appliquéd blocks and made one “colored” with thread … and I hope I will be able to settle in quickly enough to make some of my ideas into real blocks.
  • Traditional quilt blocks made from fabrics which feature pets are also OK.
  • Remember the golden rule … and make blocks that you would be thrilled to receive.
If you use a free pattern and can share the source (link to a website) when you post your blocks, that would be great. If you create a pattern in ElectricQuilt and want to share a PDF of the pattern, upload it and share it in your post.


The Virtual Quilt

I have received some photos of cat, dog, fish and turtle blocks … and will be back to create the virtual quilt when I am on the other side of my move.



  1. Suppose I embroider an animal. Must I make only one block with a design, even if I use different colored backgrounds or thread?

    • The post above says “you can use the same block pattern in up to three of your blocks, using different fabrics.” So I think you can make 3 from each design.

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