My Pet Cat

Posted by on July 3, 2015 in blocks | 1 comment

Actually, I have two cats, and this one doesn’t look like either one, but I guess it’s close enough. Sophie, I used a technique I remember learning during an earlier block lotto project to make the tail. Maybe the reeds?

FullSizeRender 2

1 Comment

  1. Cute! Your cat DOES look like one of mine right now–my little, normally white gray and orange calico found a way into the kiva-style fireplace in my new place … somehow doing so without disturbing the screen. . The flue was open and she climbed through and up onto a ledge on the other side of the flue and stayed there for the best part of a day and night. now, Cinderkitty is covered in soot. She hates change and is still freeked out and either avoiding me or walking aroundmeowing her protest … now that all my stuff is moved, there is a bath on the agenda this weekend along with a whole lot of unpacking and organizing.

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