And the Tulip Bouquets Go To …

Posted by on September 30, 2015 in housekeeping | 3 comments

We ended the month with 122 Tulip blocks (and 14 more of the color rule-breaking variety).

Thanks to Mr. Random.Org for his help in selecting the winners.

TulipBlockWinnersAnd they are:

Corinne (41 blocks)

Laura (41 blocks)

Sue K (40 blocks)

As it turns out, 41 is a magic number if you plan to put your blocks on point–it’s the number of blocks you need for a 5 by 5 arrangement. Maybe that means these blocks are meant to be set that way … though, of course, the decision is total up to you.

Rejects-WinnerNow for those 14 maverick blocks … the winner is:

Rachel (14 blocks)

This is also a nice number for an on-point setting because 13 blocks is the number you need for a 3 by 3 arrangement.

As a point of reference, the scrappy quilt top I put together using this block pattern is made from 25 blocks in a 4 by 4 setting.

Congratulations to you all.  I will be sending out email to all four winners confirm mailing addresses and asking how many of your own blocks you’d like to keep.

The mailing info will go out in two separate email messages – one for the regular lotto and the other for the rule-breakers.


  1. I’m glad to win these pretty blocks!

  2. Congratulations to all the winners.

  3. WOW! This is so wonderful. Thank you, Sophie, for the help in getting back. The coincidence is that October is my birthday month! A large bouquet of tulips for my birthday. I’ve planted tulips in the Fall before, but didn’t see them grow so quickly!
    So many setting and border ideas! My design wall will be blooming soon!
    Thank you to all in advance.

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