Mississippi Tulips

Posted by on September 29, 2015 in blocks | 1 comment

Tulips don’t grow very well in the South; it’s not cold enough. That’s my excuse for only making 3 of these great blocks. One could make a case for putting the purple one in the goofed category–I used a blue-purple print and for the bud, used a red-purple picked up from the print’s colors. Both were in my stack of purples, but the some would put the red-purple in with the maroons.

Mississippi tulips

1 Comment

  1. The color decisions can become a slippery slope … and I don’t want to become the color police. I do this for fun. I think your mix of red/blue purples still falls within the guidelines, so you’re good. FYI, I also received your email saying you wanted to donate your chances.

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